Astral Plane takes off | The Coast Halifax

Astral Plane takes off

Andrew Neville supplies your monthly dose of new wave, post punk and Katy Perry.

Last month, smack in the middle of Menz & Mollyz's massive dancefloor, Astral Plane was born. Andrew Neville treated dancers to his favourite '70s and '80s post-punk and new wave jams and people rejoiced---it was an occasion worth celebrating. And so was the beginning of a new monthly dance party. "That's the kind of music I personally enjoy dancing to," says Neville."There is a Touch Tunes Jukebox at Charlie's that I always end up dumping like $20 a week into and I thought to myself that there must be a better way." It's a sentiment that we echo, and if you'd give up your laundry money to play the likes of Joy Division, Talking Heads, Echo and The Bunnymen and Kate Bush (and aren't above a little dose of Ke$ha, just because) you too will consider Astral Plane a Sunday night well spent.

Sunday, November 11, Menz & Mollyz Bar, 2182 Gottingen Street, 11pm-2:30am, $5/$7 (after midnight)