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Best Barber

Phat's Barber Shop

Gold Winner Phat Luong, Phat’s Barber Shop

Silver Winner Rob Oxner, Saint Lou’s Gentlemen’s Barber Shop

Bronze Winner Michael Phillips, One Block Barbershop

Phat’s lousy haircuts are so good that he guarantees they’ll get his customers laid, or their money back. No one’s ever asked for a refund, so there must be something to it. Phat has won gold three years running, but two newcomers are coming on strong. At the start of 2012, Michael Phillips opened his One Block Barbershop, across the street from Propeller Brewery. And in May, Rob Oxner opened his Saint Lou’s Gentlemen’s Barber Shop in Historic Properties, naming it after the unlikely patron saint of barbers, King Louis IX of France. We look forward to seeing how the Best Barber competition grows out in coming years.