Let's play the ignore game | The Coast Halifax

Let's play the ignore game

Honestly I don't deserve this shit. I feel invisible to you and it's so unfair that you've left me hanging like this. We both know I've never been anything but nice to you and you have zero reason to ignore me, especially for this long. Two can play this game you know, but luckily for you I'm not really into games. One of us has to be the mature one here, might as well be me. You ignore me now but you'll need me later, we both know it's true. And I'll have to act like nothing is wrong, like it's fine and that I understand, because I literally have to. If I told you you're breaking my heart it would be another three months of not hearing from you because were "not really together," or "just friends," even though friends don't go weeks/months without talking. You are so predictable. Somehow you'll turn this all around and make it seem like it's my fault. Yup. Typical. Can't wait to see what you have to say this time. What... I lead you on? I wanted you to come over while my parents were sleeping so we could do it in my room? It's my fault you went through a red light and we got pulled over? I left to go back to school and you're mad/don't see the point in talking? I love you but I want to wring your neck at the same time. Always here though, that will never change. —Anybody Seen Molly?