New Super Mario Bros. 2 | The Coast Halifax

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Available on Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo)

Mario, maybe you’ve heard of him? Italian guy with a moustache and red hat? He’s back, again. And it’s fun, again. But I’ll be honest, it’s starting to feel a bit tired. You play as Mario, jumping around platforms and squashing goombas. There’s a certain serene simplicity about it that makes it incredibly joyful and nostalgic, for those who grew up in the NES era. This time around, there’s a huge emphasis on coins. It’s a neat gimmick for Mario, but it does end up falling flat and isn’t overly compelling. What Mario needs is one of two things: a brief hiatus so that we don’t get tired of the same gameplay rehashed over and over, or some true innovation that makes the pivotal series feel fresh and new. But if you’re looking for a classic 2D Mario experience (ironically on a 3D console) you can’t go wrong with New Super Mario Bros. 2. Letsa-Go!