Worst Telephone Company


A friend always pays his phone bill a month late, always giving mt&t a little bit in interest, and never gettting one of those disconnection warnings. But last month, the day after he walked into the mt&t office and paid his bill, his phone was disconnected. A flurry of calls—luckily he has a cellular phone—got his line reconnected the same day. For the inconvenience and potential embarassment, mt&t gave him nothing. The company did, however, agree to waive the reconnection fee. When I mentioned this experience to another friend, she launched into her own frustrating phone co. tales without missing a beat. mt&t breeds contempt as if it was a bank. It attracts bad press for bad moves like a bank. (Remember when the company cut, then hastily reinstated, charity discounts?) And if mt&t wasn’t the only local land-line game in town, customers would flock to its competition in droves: You can bank on that. —Kyle Shaw