Best Barkeep

Winners: Donny Norad at The Dome & My Apartment, Greg White at Velvet Olive

The Dome & My Apartment (1726-1740 Argyle Street, 421-1655);

Velvet Olive (Corner of Market and George Streets, 492-2233) (tie)

Donny’s co-workers say he’s best described as “the guy with the ponytail.” They also say that ponytail, by the way, is tweed-coloured. Donny is fast, all pizzazz: “he’s world-renowned for flippin’ a beer bottle, lighting someone’s cigarette, makin’ a drink and giving someone change, all at the same time.” A customer from Alberta even came in last week because he was told in Banff that if he ever got to Halifax, to go see the amazing Donny at My Apartment. Greg was in the bar when we called, which may be why his co-worker described him as “a pretty good-lookin’ guy. That’s probably why he got the votes.” As for his skills, Greg is “fast, efficient and likes to light shit on fire—oh, I mean drinks and cocktails. We don’t condone feces at the bar.” Glad to hear it.

Runner-up: Barbara at Mokka Ultrabar 1588 Granville Street, 492-4036