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Of Sirens and sailors

Wail: Songs of the Brier Island Siren blends music, movement and imagination


A new Nova Scotian myth has been born, thanks to the creative talents of Artistic Director Christina Murray, Movement and Scenography Designer Claire Leger and the Camerata Xara Young Women’s Choir. They have brought to life an original piece of choral theatre set on Brier Island Nova Scotia that blends together the stories of real-life, legendary sailor Joshua Slocum and of mythical Sirens. The young women of the choir portray the Sirens, creatures who have been transformed from birds to women and grounded on the island. Actor Alan Slipp reads adapted excerpts from Slocum’s diary that tell the tale of the sailor as a young lonely boy befriending (and ultimately betraying) the Sirens. But it is the music more than the spoken word that tells this story, and what glorious music it is. The choice of songs is eclectic, ranging from the traditional “Briar and the Rose” to the primal and haunting “Raising the Wind”. At times, voices cascade from the mezzanine and blend with others that are rising from below. The singers dance and move with effortless grace, making this a feast for the eyes as well as the ears. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to be present at the birth of a legend.

Maritime Museum of the Altantic, May 12 8pm