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Best Patio

Your Father's Moustache

Gold Winner Your Father’s Moustache

Silver Winner Economy Shoe Shop

Bronze Winner Chez Tess

If you haven’t eaten atop Your Father’s Moustache after this many wins, then, frankly, wake up and take in the sunshine. The patio that overwhelms the Spring Garden restaurant’s roof is local favourite for good reason. With large umbrellas for shade during the day and fire pits at night, the patio takes the Moustache’s indoor atmosphere to the top. “We put a lot of work into the aesthetics of the patio,” says restaurant owner Shaun O’Hearn. He adds that the popularity of the patio is thanks to three things: its location, its rooftop spot and, of course, the ’Stache’s famous food. So, climb the stairs, order a Pub Club (2011‘s Best of Food Hall of Fame inductee) and enjoy the people watching.