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Best Late-night Food

Freeman's Little New York, Quinpool

Gold Winner Freeman’s Little New York

Silver Winner Willy’s

Bronze Winner Burrito Jax

Best Late-Night Food? More like 24/7 food. Freeman’s Little New York opens at 10am and keeps churning out choices from their extensive menu until five in the morning. Owner Laurel Harrington says their hours appeal to bartenders, paramedics and dockworkers—anyone getting off the job after the sun has set. Their food also matches late-night appetites. Aside from their famous New York-style pizza, they serve up hearty salads, deep-fried appetizers, mighty cheeseburgers and, no matter how late or early you’re there, breakfast. Harrington describes the Quinpool location as the most intimate of her three Freeman’s establishments, with the staff and atmosphere making it feel like a true “people place.” So slide into one of Freeman’s dimly lit booths and cozy up to a 3am slice. Just don’t get too comfy or, at that hour, you might doze off into your beer.