Best Retail Clothing Store

Biscuit General Store

Sounds like they’re running out of room for Best of Halifax plaques on the wall. Sales associate Erinn Langille encapsulates the enduring appeal of Biscuit, for the latest time the Best Retail Clothing Store: “We have an eye for what people want and deliver it with a smile,” she says with a giggle. Biscuit really does offer something for all ages and interests. The store itself is fun to hang out in, with its nouveau-vintage decor, clothes for men and women, shoes, housewares, books and what every clothing store needs to make a go of it: candy. Lots and lots of candy. 1661 Argyle, 425-5436

1st runner-up: Winners Bayer’s Lake, 206 Chain Lake Drive, 450-5114

2nd runner-up: Gap, Halifax Shopping Centre, 7001 Mumford, 461-1116