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Best Mechanic

Norm Pinkerton

Whether your car repairs require a screwdriver or a computer mouse, Norm Pinkerton can take care of it. A lot of folks with ailing vintage models bring them to Norm, but he’s on top of the latest technological changes in automotives, too. “We’re a small garage in a big city,” he says. “The same guy who answers the phone will probably be working on your car.” Norm pretty much lives at the garage, and he’s been known to drive a repaired car home for its owner. What’s not to love? Norm’s Garage, 2227 Creighton, 429-7429

1st runner-up: Charlie Skorzynszy, Zibi’s Import Auto Service, 2223 North Park, 420-9039

2nd runner-up: Mike Kennedy, Ken Kennedy’s Petro Canada Centre, 6389 Quinpool, 423-3555