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Best Sex-toy Shop

Venus Envy

Clean, bright and well organized, Venus Envy isn’t just a great place to buy a sex toy, says manager Maggie Haywood. “This is a place where you can come to have a conversation—about sex toys, yes, but about many other issues surrounding sexuality too.” The staff is well educated and approachable, but if you’d rather shop from the privacy of your own home, the Venus Envy website is set up for mail order. Best sellers? The Silver Bullet vibrator is a perennial favourite, but Haywood has a few new products to recommend, including new Mini Vibes, from Germany, and Canadian-made sugar-free flavoured lube from O’My. 1598 Barrington, 422-0004

1st runner-up Night Magic, 5268 Sackville, 420-9309

2nd runner-up Sister Sarah’s Adult Store, 585 Sackville, 869-7272