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Best Nightclub

Reflections Cabaret

Reflections has a long reputation for being the best place to dance; now it’s been crowned Halifax’s best nightclub too. “Above all, this is a place to go, relax and have fun,” says manager Mike Schmid. “This is a no-labels bar, and we work very hard to make it feel comfortable, friendly and safe for everyone.” Schmid says that the attitude of the bar staff—usually more friendly than ferocious—goes a long way toward ensuring that bar patrons have a good time. “People say, ‘It just feels so good in here,’” explains Schmid, “because they feel safe, and they’re having fun. That’s what it’s all about.”

1st runner-up The Palace, 1721 Brunswick,420-0015

2nd runner-up The Dome, 1741 Argyle 422-6907