Best Naturopath

Sarah Baillie

“I used to get called a witch doctor,” says Sarah Baillie, remembering her first few years practising in Halifax. But that was over six years ago; now she gets called Halifax’s favourite naturopath, handily winning this category year after year. She loves her naturopathic practice because she has the time to listen to her patients’ “full” story and because of the options available to her for treatment. “It allows me to be creative, because nobody presents with exactly the same things and nobody presents with the same history.” Her receptionist Allison McDonald says Baillie is, among other things, “very personable.” How very un-witchlike. 5880 Spring Garden, 425-0542

1st runner-up Cheryl Lycette, 2101 Bauer, 422-2767,

2nd runner-up Alexander McLellan, 5880 Spring Garden, 830-4409