Best Mechanic

Tom McDonnell

There are three people every woman should have in her Rolodex: a good doctor, lawyer and mechanic. (Or was that three people every woman should date?) Anyway, we all know how tough it is to find a good, trustworthy and affordable mechanic. Ladies, never mind good, Halifax voted Tom McDonnell the best. Pat McDonnell, Tom’s wife and bookkeeper, says that after 30 years in business their clientele is about 95 percent repeat business, many of whom came to them by referral. People like them, she says because “we’re honest, and we give pretty decent service for our price.” And modest too! Tom McDonnell Service Centre, 5816 Sullivan, 455-0431

1st runner-up Nathan Webber, Double Z Automotive, 963 Prospect, 876-0769

2nd runner-up Billy Mastrapas