Best Massage Therapist

Michael Butt

Head and neck specialist Michael Butt is preparing for “whiplash season,” as he refers to the icy winter months. He also keeps busy year-round with referrals from dentists and doctors for temporo-mandibular joint issues (that’s jaw joint to you). You’re keeping the city’s Best Massage Therapist busy by sitting in your car, or at your computer, for long stretches. “We’re striving towards making massage therapy a part of your wellness regime. People are starting to realize that sometimes the human body needs a little help because we’re not meant to sit 12 to 14 hours a day.” Care One Chiropractic, 6030 Almon, 445-2885

1st runner-up All Points Massage Therapy, 248 Main, 446-3170

2nd runner-up Julie Kells, 53 Hagges Lane, 422-4512