To the NSCADians who make me smile | The Coast Halifax

To the NSCADians who make me smile

Dear NSCAD, I am thankful to you for so many things but it's the thing which has made the most impact on my life lately that I want to shout out to: My fellow NSCADians! To those of you I don't know personally... thanks for sticking with the thing you love, even when it's under pressure! To those of you I do... my super-sassy lady, my super-serious man and everyone you have both brought into my life... THANK YOU! You make every single day (even the supremely shitty ones) well worth living! I will survive your summer absence because I know it is a wonderful opportunity to bring the people who are staying here closer in my life.

NSCAD, you may have failed with my first set of friends (they certainly made me stronger, the hard way) but you sure outdid yourselves with the ones I've found now, who make me better and better every day with their love and support! —Your Fierce Ginger