Thanks work, I love it | The Coast Halifax

Thanks work, I love it

Thanks a lot, work, for cancelling our benefits. Right in the middle of my expensive dental procedures too. Thank you so, much. I really really love it and am happy to pay probably $2400 dollars out of my own pocket to complete these dental procedures that would have cost me about $800 or so when we had benefits. But you cancelled them. So, thank you so much for that. I love you.

At least you pay us really well though. Especially after being there so very long. Except, oh wait, you don't pay us well. At all. And seem to even be pulling some sort of constructive dismissal bullshit so that you can replace us with people who won't mind working for minimum wage with no benefits. Silly me. So easily confused.

But at least you are on top of fixing all the busted equipment. The broken steel door that can swing off its hinges randomly and smash you in the wherever. And the ice machine that has been broken on and off for the last year, cus who doesn't like warm flat pop? And the sifter, and the drawer handles too. Thanks for fixing all of that stuff that has been brought to your attention time and time again over the last couple of years. Wait, I think I'm confused again. Life can be so confusing when you are blinded by love and really happy feelings brought on be the obvious care of a loving company. —Your Loving Employees