Don't be a litterbug! | The Coast Halifax

Don't be a litterbug!

Honestly, some of the streets in this city are just atrocious. They are filled with coffee cups, plastic water bottles, pop cans, chip bags, juice boxes, chocolate bar wrappers - enough is enough. How can you people just throw your trash all over the city like it isn't harmful to the environment or animals or anyone including yourself? It is so disrespectful. It honestly breaks my heart to see how people treat this planet. We should want to take care of it. We are guests on this planet and it is our duty to respect it. There is no excuse for this. It is not hard to throw your empty cups or wrappers in the garbage or recycle where they rightfully belong. There is one every couple feet. Please do your part and make a sincere effort to recycle. If each one of us takes one small step toward being greener, the collective effort could be phenomenal. Together we can make this planet a beautiful place. —Peace, Love, Earth