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Best Vinyl

Gold Winner Dog Day, Deformer

Silver Winner Ben Caplan, In The Time of the Great Remembering

Bronze Winner Cold Warps, Endless Bummer

Deformer, more than any other vinyl release this year, was the one that you rotated into oblivion. Can’t say we blame you---the dreamy tracks with relentless beats fill the room with psychy pop transforming your lame living room gatherings into head-bobbing, soul-searching events. The lyrics are personal, infinitely relatable for anyone who is coming off the bad end of a quarter life crisis---the lyrical equivalent of one of those paintings where the eyes follow you everywhere. This year sees the band focused on a different artistic endeavour: Seth Smith directed and Nancy Urich produced (with Darcy Spidle) their upcoming film, Lowlife. There’s one last week to go on their fundraising campaign (, hit that up and fund more Dog Day-fueled creative splendor.