Hot rod

My girlfriends are I were downtown Saturday night to have a good time. Things were going great and we were having fun, until you slipped up behind a friend of mine and starting grinding against her. It wasn't just inappropriate, it was vulgar and disgusting. Your pickup line of "Hey girls, wanna go for a ride on my hot rod" and pointing at your crotch was pervish and creepy. We told you to f'off and you became more pushy. It made us laugh when you tripped over your own damn feet and fell flat on your face. If any us of were (in the remote likelihood) into short gingers you might have stood a chance (until you opened your mouth). I think you had better haul your ass back to the land of the Oompa Loompas where you crawled out from. —Willy Wonka Needs to Chain Up His Ginger Trolls