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Shut the front door

To all you minimum wage workers complaining about the strike: you're the ones that look stupid. You look stupid because YOU rely 100% on a service that is not always guaranteed to commence. You knew this strike was coming. You should have been more prepared. I am a student and I haven't taken the bus since probably November 2010, even though it is included in my tuition. Why you ask? Because I'm not about to wait 20 fucking minutes standing in the cold like an idiot as the bus is always, always late. It is unreliable. By the time I've wasted 20 minutes waiting for the bus, I could have reached my destination. And I can't deal with punks and crying babies and obese women who haven't showered in a week. Plus I'm prone to motion sickness. It is good exercise to walk any way. You people should try it sometime. Why would you rely whole-heartedly on something as important as your transportation when it could very well at any time let you down. I'd like to know what your genius plan is if and when you find out this strike carries on for another month or two or three. Figure it out people. And by the way, these "bus drivers" do have a right to be angry and upset over whatever it is they are angry and upset about. Think about it, they have one of the worst jobs around. Imagine how miserable they must be day in and day out, having to deal with ignorant, selfish, impatient citizens in this city. Fuck I'd want a break too. Let them be. You should spend a little less time bitching and complaining about this situation and a little more time appreciating what you have in your life. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. —Start Walking