HRM council screws up... again

Here's what we want as Halifax citizens; our garbage picked up at the curb, ALL OF IT, the electronics, the paperboard, all of it. Why do we have to get a truck and take the electronics to the recycling center? I don't have a truck, HRM has lots of trucks. Why are they not using a few of them to take our garbage electronics to the recyclers FOR US, considering that we are paying taxes to HRM to get rid of our garbage? What, can't afford a truck for that but they can afford a big skating rink? I'm a little more concerned about the mountain of old electronics piling up in my apartment because I can't get the city to actually take it? And why are we composting paperboard instead of recycling it? Funny how the Trade Center has a company who takes the paperboard for recycling but HRM doesn't. I suggest that HRM contract the same company as Trade Center does, and then TAKE THE PAPERBOARD IN THE BLUE BAGS INSTEAD OF LEAVING THE WHOLE BAG THERE IF THERE'S ONE PIECE OF PAPERBOARD IN IT. Just take it and sort it out at the plant. We know HRM garbage workers tear open every bag and pick through it, meaning that nobody in HRM has any privacy at all, so if they are sorting it there when we put it in a black bag, why can't they sort it there when we put it in a blue bag? YOU SORT IT, THAT"S WHAT WE PAY YOU FOR.

Now, the other thing we want is a reliable public transit system. What does HRM do? Predictably, they can't keep that working properly either. Before the recent contract negotiation, meaning dictates from HRM, people could get to the vastly overpriced housing area known as Halifax from the slums they are forced to live in, in god forsaken badlands like Dartmouth. Now they are stranded there at the mercy of the out of control teenagers of welfare mothers. Thanks, HRM council, for yet another example of why you are a bunch of useless wastes of money. Maybe somebody in City Hall who gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to constantly aggravate and enrage the public (you know who) can pick us all up in his Explorer and drive us to work, after he screwed up the public transit system. Maybe this unidentified person could also buy some stick-on eyebrows, because he looks like a vampire or something without any. Wonder what that disease is called. Disappearing eyebrowitis, I guess. —JJ