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No longer in love with bitching

I always loved reading Love The Way We Bitch in the paper. Just recently I started reading the posts here on the site. After a couple posts myself and reading other people's I realize that I really hate the people in this city. It's not the OP and their bitches. We all have bad encounters and things we need to get off our chest. It's the pricks that comment. I mean have your parents never taught you the decency of "if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all" I realize the thing about the internet, what makes it so special is this ability to be anonymous while being a total asshole... which is what we're doing when we submit a bitch. But dear comments, I wonder if this is a version of bullying. It seems that the only people who contribute are those who feel the need to attack the original OP about what they said, or how shitty their personality is. This is a "BITCH" they're not trying to be nice, often many details are left out of what happened at that moment. Clearly if they're bitching they already had a bad day/encounter, you attacking their post... in mass majority isn't going to help the situation. And... what does that say about you. To purposefully set up an account, seek out an anonymous name, and post a well phrased sentence... sometimes paragraph with nothing more than the intention to verbally attack another human being. Isn't that kind of... mean? —Heart Broken