Support local theatre *and* trick out your apartment with Neptune's annual yardsale

The event returns to Neptune's Creighton street warehouse August 13.

After the curtain falls on closing night, it's easy to imagine the no-longer-needed set of a play sitting wistfully, Beauty and The Beast-like: A stage full of Lumières and Cogsworths already missing the dissipated audience. But you can help save these bits of furniture from such a fate, thanks to Neptune Theatre's annual yard sale. A veritable treasure trove of set pieces at yard sale prices, it's a way to support local theatre while also scoring unique pieces for your apartment.

Competition is stiff at the event, which is held at Neptune's prop warehouse at 2245 Creighton Street—so we recommend getting to the site a bit in advance of the 11am start time. The sale runs until 2pm (or until it's all sold). What can you expect to find? Well, while Neptune doesn't deliver an inventory, past sales have included vintage glassware, couches that look like new and even some musical instruments.

If you love packing your space with pieces that tell a story, a second-hand treasure that spent time on the region's biggest stage is a hard one to top.