Everything you need to know about the Bangladesh Festival 2022

The festival is taking place on August 6 and 7 at The Halifax Forum.

Scenes of Bangladeshi culture and food, food, food from the Bangladesh Festival website

History is being made in Halifax this weekend! The first-ever Bangladesh Festival in Nova Scotia is happening in the city. If you want to participate in a weekend of culture, food and music,  here's everything you need to know before attending.

What is the official name?
Bangladesh Canadian Friendship Society's Bangladesh Festival 2022.

What is it also known as?
BCFS Bangladesh Festival '22 or Bangladesh Fest or Banglafest.

When is it?
Saturday, August 6 and Sunday, August 7, from 11am to 9pm.

What is it?
Banglafest is an event celebrating Bangladeshi culture through music, food and performances from the community.

Where is it held?
At the Halifax Forum, 2901 Windsor Street.

How long has it been going?
This is the first-ever Bangladesh Fest in Nova Scotia.

Where do I get tickets?
You can head to the festival's website for tickets.

Are there festival passes?
Yes. You can purchase day passes for $3.00.

What is the must-see show?
While there are too many great must-sees happening at the festival to choose just one, some standouts include 25 food stalls, a kids' zone, local bands, a fashion show and cultural workshops!