Halifax's Capella Regalis Men & Boys Choir launches new, free program for girls

The lauded choral group–known for its centuries-old tradition—will hold auditions for girls 7-13 in August.

The tradition of Capella Regalis Men & Boys Choir is one that stretches back a thousand years. The golden voices in one of Halifax's largest and most lauded choirs gather to sing ancient songs, which ensures these works are simultaneously preserved and also discovered by new generations of listeners. (Plus, its holiday concert is considered a must-see for music heads.)

While the free, mentor-based music training program has been helping boys and men gather in song since 2010, today it was announced that Capella Regalis will be launching a parallel choir for girls aged seven to 13, "making the unique opportunity of a free music education in a centuries-old tradition now accessible to girls as well as boys," as a press release puts it. Auditions for girls in this age cohort will be held late August before the free rehearsals begin in September.

“My hope is that the Capella Regalis Girls Choir will provide for girls the same opportunity for mentorship and for musical brilliance and uplift that the boys have received from Capella Regalis over the last twelve years and, hopefully, in perpetuity,” Nick Halley, founder and director of Capella Regalis Men & Boys Choir, adds in the release. The expansion is being supported through a crowdfunding campaign that runs until the end of July

More information about Capella Regalis and its programs can be found at capellaregalis.com.