Picture-perfect Dartmouth cherry trees are beginning to bloom

The Park Avenue trees flower for about two weeks in late May every year.

As of May 12, the bright pink blooms have just begun to emerge from their buds.

At the eastern edge of the Dartmouth Common, AKA Leighton Dillman Park, is Park Avenue. It’s quiet most of the year. Neighbourhood residents walk their dogs, students cut across the common on their way to and from school or the Sportplex.

But for two weeks each May, the otherwise calm street is full of tourists from across the city, taking photos among the blooming cherry trees.

This year, the blooms should be right on time. As of May 12, the bright pink flowers are just starting to emerge from their buds. Instagram photos from years gone by, like the ones accompanying this story, show that May 20 is about when the blooms are at their fullest.

So get ready to make your visit to Park Avenue. A window is opening on one of the nicest sights in the HRM. Don't complain to us if it shuts without you.