Don 2 is pretty, bloated

Indian action sequel indebted to much better Hollywood movies

Five years after the smash Bollywood action flick Don comes the inevitable sequel, Don 2: The King is Back. Sharukh Kahn stars as the title character, who appears to be taken straight from a bad fan fiction story. A criminal kingpin 10 steps ahead of his enemies, Don is cocky, unflappable, the best dancer, and also prettier than everyone else. What exists of the confusing plot is entirely in service of making Kahn’s character look cool. The rest is simply to set up numerous sequences in the movie’s bloated running time borrowed from a half dozen better films; including Oceans 11, Mission: Impossible, and even a bit of The Matrix near the end. And all of that would be a lot more bearable if someone, anyone, would just slap that smug grin off of Don’s face.