“Ram Ranch” explained: the naked truth about the song trolling the convoysation

It's a strange world we live in, where a porno-metal song about gay sex between cowboys becomes somewhat of a political statement against anti-vaxxers.

On a local Halifax level, it all started for me with the coverage of the protests here last Saturday, February 12. At a gathering of trucker convoy supporters, a counter-protester carried a small banner that simply said “Ram Ranch.”

I’ve been a bit out-of-the-loop on the Canadian meme scene lately and did not know what it was about, but looking at the comments, Coast readers seem to really know what’s up. To overcome the FOMO, I asked Google, landed in this Rolling Stone story and I was shocked!

"Ram Ranch" is a 2012 porno-metal tune that Toronto-based artist Grant MacDonald made, partly to fight Nashville radio stations that were refusing to play LGBTQ-themed country songs. Play the song here (NSFW, you’ve been warned):

Fast forward to 2022. A group of organized counter-protesters known as the #RamRanchResistance are using the song to troll the organizers of the "Windsor Convoy" by playing the hot lyrics of “18 naked cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch..." on Zello, an app that emulates walkie-talkies over cell phones, which has been widely used for the convoysations.

Our favourite local memes account, of course, did its fair share of trolling:

Vive la Ram Ranch résistance!