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We all know you’re bullshitting

You should really research the illness you claim you have. We know this month’s illness is crap as we’re certain that: (a) you’re not male, and (b) your “illness” is not a result of an infection with Chlamydia, Campylobacter, Salmonella, or Yersinia. It’s funny how these illnesses come on over the weekend, but never during the week. And the symptoms aren’t congruent from day to day. One day your “condition” appears intolerable yet the next you make a significant strides in recovery. Being less than 40 years old, the number of conditions you claim to have (or have had) seems extraordinary - exceptional - peculiar. Remember telling us how when you were a kid, you threw tantrums, etc? That was attention-seeking behaviour - inappropriate attention. And it still continues? Bullshitting is unbecoming to an adult, especially one in a leadership position… —Tired of the Nonsense