Immortals makes a heroic effort

Minotaur reboot is gorgeous but gets lost in cinematic cliches.

Frida Pinto plays Immortals' love interest Phaedra. - JAN THIJS
Jan Thijs
Frida Pinto plays Immortals' love interest Phaedra.
The classic myth of Theseus and the Minotaur gets a lavish re-imagining by director Tarsem Singh (The Fall) and the producers of 300. The nihilistic King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) is rampaging across Greece in an effort to free the legendary Titans and destroy the gods of Olympus. Luckily, former slave Henry Cavill (the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel) is there to oppose him. Tarsem fills the frame with vivid colours and awe-inspiring locations while Rourke squeezes every drop of evil he can from the murderous king fond of disfigurement and pomegranates. Sadly, despite everyone's best intentions the plot eventually settles into the familiar grooves of heroic quests, and a well-worn climax of extended slow-motion warfare. Cinematic missteps that are still easy enough to forgive with visuals this extraordinary.