Dartmouth Bound Motorists

To the motorists (especially bus drivers who are responsible for many others) coming off the MacDonald bridge, turning right onto Wyse road... PLEASE YIELD TO THE PEDESTRIANS AND SLOW THE FACK DOWN! I believe the speed limit is 50km/hr on the bridge? So I can only assume the speed should be much less than 50km/h when you're merging onto Wyse rd. The are 2 signs and a brightly lit cross walk painted in plain view. I am sick of being half way into the crosswalk and having cars flying around the corner looking to their left and not taking their foot off of the gas, then when they finally notice me when they are either next to me or already past me, they look so surprised like I was the one that was in the wrong! An out of service bus came within inches of hitting me 2 nights ago around 7pm. I understand if I saw the bus coming and then started to walk, but I was already well on my way into the crosswalk. The driver slowed down after I yelled a few choice words of frustration at him, but kept driving into the terminal. I could have high-fived the side mirror on the bus he was so close. I understand people may be in a hurry but please slow down. I work at the hotel right next to the bridge and im a little hesitant to send guests across the street because of the lack of intelligence our drivers have. And for the love of god Metro Transit, please send a memo out to your drivers to watch for all pedestrian walkways. Those buses are a little more difficult to stop in a short period of time than a smaller car. —Death via MacDonald Bridge