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Moksha Yoga Halifax

Gold Winner Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio

Silver Winner Halifax Yoga

Bronze Winner Moksha Yoga (Dresden Row)

Yoga has been around for thousands of years. Across many forms, it is a calming, meditative practice intended to bring harmony to body and mind. Physical aspects of yoga are typically taken slow, steady, held for awhile to get deeper. That’s the world of yoga. The world of Halifax yoga studios, however, is dynamic and fast-changing. Moksha Yoga arrived on Dresden Row a few years ago and started owning Best of Halifax gold. Moksha’s method was so popular, a second studio opened in mid-2010, on Woodlawn Road in Dartmouth. New for 2011, a shakeup in the Best of rankings---Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio wins the gold, and TAYS co-owner Maxine Munro is a big reason why. “Maxine is the best yoga instructor ever!” says a survey voter. “When I leave her class I feel like all the kinks have been worked out and I can finally relax.”