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Daniel's Tailors

Gold Winner Daniel’s Tailors

Silver Winner Helen’s Tailor Shop

Bronze Winner MicMac Tailor Shop

There are a bunch of tailors and a bunch of Daniels involved with Daniel’s Tailors, but they all know the shop is named after founding tailor Raad Daniel. “Daniel is my dad and we’re his tailors,” says Richard Daniel, son, store manager and Dalhousie costume studies graduate. “I’ve been tailoring with my dad since I was 16. Hardcore for the past 15 years.” Richard’s mom, Vilma, is also one of Daniel’s tailors, as is recently hired employee German Khalil, who Richard says has become like part of the family. It’s a busy shop in a recession-proof business---during good times people buying new clothes need alterations, while bad times mean tweaking old clothes to keep them looking fresh---with its fifth gold Best Tailor award in a row. But Richard has his feet on the ground. “It’s not your iron that’s important. It’s not your sewing machine or your scissors that drive your business. It’s your customers.”