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Best Esthetician

ZigZag Hair Studio

Gold Winner Katherine Hanlon, ZigZag Hair Studio

Silver Winner Angela Bishop, Remedy Facial Bar & Spa

Bronze Winner Saskia Roch, Saskia Roch Aesthetics

Katherine Hanlon is skilled at a range of the grooming-meets-pampering services under the “aesthetics” umbrella, but she has a clear favourite. “I love waxing,” she says. For the uninitiated, waxing is the removal of unsightly body hair, a service Hanlon offers forehead-to-toe for women, forehead-to-toe-minus-crotch for men. It can be painful and embarrassingly intimate. “I’ve heard so many horror stories,” says Hanlon, motivated to avoid becoming one of them. “When someone leaves here grinning, it’s amazing.” A reader who voted for Hanlon comments that “she is professional and caring---a great combination,” which gets Hanlon grinning. “It’s so nice to hear those two things hand-in-hand,” she says. “You want to be friendly but not silly. Approachable but not unprofessional.” Hanlon is---and isn’t---new to ZigZag Hair Studio. As a working aesthetician, she moved out of a spa downtown to Bedford-based ZigZag in 2010, but Hanlon has gotten her hair done there since she was eight years old. ZigZag has the something old, something new going on too: December 2011 will mark one year of ZigZag being in its brand-new building. “This has given us a complete facelift,” says Hanlon. An aesthetician would know.