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Best Female Theatre Actor

Gold Winner Sue Leblanc-Crawford

Silver Winner Annie Valentina

Bronze Winner Martha Irving

After being unseated last year by Zuppa Theatre collaborator Kathryn McCormack, Zuppa Theatre founding member Leblanc-Crawford steps back into the limelight as your favourite female theatre actor. Her performance in April’s The Debacle brought confinement and loneliness to a new level at the Plutonium Playhouse, evoking grief, fear and madness on a tiny loft stage above the audience. When can you see this talented lady next? “I am in the middle of a creation period on Zuppa’s new show The Attaining Gigantic Dimensions and feeling Halifax theatre bliss right now,” Leblanc-Crawford says. “Next up for me is a Sinead O’Connor cover at Zuppa’s annual Music Room Fundraiser (November 18), and then I am heading to Toronto in December to perform The Debacle at Nightwood Theatre’s New Groundswell Festival.”