Stop Being So Courteous

OK, first off I admit that I do appreciate courteous drivers once in a while, like when I'm waiting 10 mins to make a left turn and someone stops to let me go through, but some people take it a little too far. For example the other day I was on an on ramp merging with Barrington before the old bridge. As I was driving I noticed I was going to meet another vehicle as I merged so I slowed down as I am the one who has to yield to them, but they also slowed down, so I slowed down even more. This contined until we were both at a dead stop and I was looking back behind me wondering what the hell they were doing, if they just kept going things would have went a lot smoother. I find a lot of the time this kind of driving causes more confusion than anything. Don't stop to let someone turn if you are the only vehicle heading towards them, they know and expect to turn after you have gone past them. Just follow the rules of the road, keep it simple. —Haligonian