Holding onto the taste of summer with a taco tour

Let’s see where The Luch is headed around the Halifax

The Luch isn’t ready to let go of the warmer weather and neither are we. He’s going on tour across Canada with Jarritos to find and celebrate the hottest taco spots around and letting us in on his best kept secrets.

Join him on his hunt for the lingering zest of summer and wash it down with the taste of everlasting sunshine: Jarritos. It’s easy to focus on the super good when the taco-soda combo is bursting with the refreshing taste of endless warmth.

Let’s raise a glass to keeping the spirit of summer alive – there’s nothing that savours the flavour quite like a taco tour. What are we waiting for? Let’s see where The Luch is headed around the HRM!

Kai Brady’s Dive Bar: For those who want a little class, but who could still crush a (fancy) dive bar’s street taco.

Habaneros Modern Taco Bar: Spice things up with Habaneros’ modern twist, where there’s something for everyone.

Antojo Tacos & Tequila: The only thing more vibrant than Antojo’s Mexican-inspired dishes is their collection of tequila and mezcal based drinks.

2 Doors Down Food & Wine Halifax: Soak up the classic Halifax neighbourhood feel with a side of crispy, panko-crusted haddock taco.

Dave’s Lobster: It wouldn’t be an Atlantic Canadian tour without a taste of the “best lobster roll”…in Lobster taco form.

Café Aroma Latino: This gourmet spot serves the specialty works, including Colombian empanadas, Guatemalan tacos, Mexican quesadillas, and Salvadorian pupusas.

Wave Tacos: These tacos elevate the game and bring it with their rotating menu every week.

Cheachie’s Mexican Grill: Where you get the liberty of DIY tacos without the effort of cooking.

Mexi’s Halifax: Inspired by the flavours of Southern California and Northern Mexico and blended to create a unique dining profile just for you.

TakoLoco: With Latin music, authentic cuisine, and happy people, you’ll feel like you’re dining in Mexico.

Don’t see your favourite spot on the list and think it has a place among champions? Let The Luch know by adding it to the mix, and you might just win a #Supergood Jarritos prize pack. You can also share your end of summer taco bash with the same hashtag for a chance to win, or if you spot The Luch in your favourite spot, grab a selfie! Follow his journey throughout Canada on the Jarritos’ IG, and see the taco map to spot where he’s headed.

Remember to soak up the sun (and to bring Jarritos along for the ride). Happy taco adventures, Halifax!

This content has been developed and paid for by Jarritos Canada, without involvement from The Coast’s editorial department.