The Origin?

Ok grandpa, maybe you give a damn about the origin of all these fuckin' superheros. That's because you were reading under the covers with your flash light in 1964 all about these dudes that they are throwing at us like we care. Think about it, every other movie out there just "throws us into the mix". The characters come out of nowhere, and we get caught up in the story. Not all these bloody super hero movies... NOOOOO, we have to give a fuck where they came from. Well, I for one would rather see a Green Lantern, or a Thor in the middle of their so called "careers" like every other hero/villain in the movies. Then, if they are all that, maybe I'll give a fuck where they came from. Stop treating this generation like it gives a fuck about your bloody Cpt Americas and whoever the hell you want to drag up from the comic book pile, and just entertain us. That's why we spend our hard earned money on your overpriced popcorn anyway. —Enough Already with the Origins