Take Your Baked Goods and Shove Em

To a certain bakery in Bedford, you're not as golden as you claim to be. First and foremost, a big FUCK YOU to the owners; I don't know what has come over you both; you were both so pleasant to me in the beginning, always giving me hugs and always welcoming with open arms, and now I can barely get a grunt out of either of you. You're both miserable individuals who are greedy, self-centered pieces of shit. They way you treat your employees is DISGUSTING... treating them like slaves, threatening to fire them every chance you get, getting women to draw social assistance while you pay them under the table, making your employees get a lie detector test when property gets stolen... you're both a disgrace to the human race. You're so worried about other people stealing from you because YOU'RE the thieves and have such a guilty conscience. If I have half a mind I would report your asses to the authorities for this and many other things. Don't be surprised when all your employees leave your sorry, old, stinky asses to work for someone who respects them. Just remember, God sees everything, so make sure you say your prayers every Sunday because you're gonna need every prayer you can get. —Did I Mention Fuck you?!