Menu Fallacies

I really hate it when I go to a restaurant, read the menu, make my food choice based on what the menu says, and then receive something that isn't what the menu specified. This happens in many different ways, but one way is with onions in bruschetta. I happen to dislike all raw onions except green onions. Due to this fact, when I order anything that often contains onions I am SURE to read the ingredients listed in the menu. If it contains onions I choose another option, because I know with my little taste quirk I will not like the bruschetta with onions. Twice recently I have received onions in my bruschetta when they were not listed on the menu. At one place no onions of any type were listed and at the other place "spring onions" were listed. Spring onions are also known as green onions and are somehow acceptable to my palate. Yet this bruschetta had both green onions AND red onions. All I ask is that when listing ingredients in a meal that you include them ALL. This will save me the annoyance of having to either ingest the food I dislike and purposely make a concerted effort to avoid or send the food back, which I rarely do because I hate being "one of those people". Please, I beg of you, just tell me if there are onions, and don't tell me there is ONE type of onions when really there is a whole other type of onions! —Just Help Me Out, Please?