Unlock Both Doors, FFS

I hate it - hate it hate it hate it... when public places such as stores (usually convenience stores or other strip-mall esque locations) that have double glass entry doors (you know the ones) and only unlock one of them for use. WHY DO YOU HAVE TWO OF THEM, if you only unlock one? Never fails that I try and use the one that is locked and look like a tool when I bang into it, or worse yet, have to wait for people entering in the only unlocked door to clear so I can exit via the only unlocked door there is. This has to be against fire code, and there is simply no excuse. Unlock your frigging door or remove it and put in a window, next time im kicking the frigging thing down. You think you're saving on heating/cooling? Want to save one door for when the hinges seize up on the other? I don't understand. Leaving only one open means that it gets used that much more often, meaning it will just wear out quicker. What if there was a fire and your establishment needed to be evacuated? Then what? Exactly, you'd be liable. —Open the Friggin Door