Found A Candidate for Canada's Worst Drive

To the dumb bitch who thought it would be good to stop dead in the middle of a two lane stretch of Pleasant St in Dartmouth at about 4:30 Tuesday afternoon: go eat shit. What were you thinking stopped straddling the yellow lines in your big ass SUV? And when you tried to cut back into traffic you nearly caused an accident! The person immediately behind you had to swerve and hit the brakes to miss you which made the person behind him cut hard and smash up over the curb which left me to cut hard in the opposite direction and pile on the brakes in effort to not smoke the person you originally cut off and the guy who had to go up over the curb. I just have a question: why? FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK, WHY? You didn't appear to be stalled. You didn't have your turn signals on, nor were your hazards on. What in the name of all things holy were you doing? And you just yanking back into traffic like that nearly caused a mess. No, no one was hurt because we, unlike you, were all paying attention and managed to avoid disaster - had there been an accident I'm sure all the rush hour drivers would have been appreciative. Do us all a favor sweetie and stay the fuck off the roads. —Cracker Jacks called, they want their licence back.