We Have Our Own To Look After

CRUSTY PUNKS: Throngs of you, you pour into our pretty little city every summer to take advantage of the many pleasures this wonderful place has to offer. You stink up our streets, sleep in and litter up our parks, drink cheap bum ripple and piss in our bushes. Do you really think you're blending in here unnoticed? Do you really think that we don't sadly anticipate your arrival every summer on a train boxcar that you unlawfully broke into with a team of mangy dogs which you pimp to get handouts simply because people where you come from (mainly Southern Ontario and Montreal) aren't as generous as they are here???

YOU MAKE ME FUCKING SICK!!! The problem with you lazy fuckers is that with such lack of industry, yet surplus of small-town charm, Halifax relies very heavily on tourism to employ our locals so that we may have something nearing the standard of life which they enjoy in the rest of this country but you, you are gravely misrepresenting us as a place which doesn't care for the homeless - cashing in on the naivety of our unsuspecting PAYING guests! Undoubtedly, these valued visitors leave here with less than savoury memories of your foul-smelling, greasy dread-locked, unwashed-in-weeks asses sitting around in putrid rags you call clothing and go back home to report it to their friends. Yes, economic decline plays a role in why tourism is so low, but we never had it to lose and you do nothing to help. You like to travel but don't like to work, you say? Don't like your parents rules? I DON'T CARE. Grow up, stand up, get a job, take a vacation once a year and do some traveling on your own dime for once. —Embarrassed