You Were Rude Too

To the post-middle aged lady at the cross walk on the main street, I'm sorry that I misjudged and blocked the side street, making it difficult for the driver turning left. My main goal was making sure I was stopped at the crosswalk and I admit that I should have made a better decision and stopped sooner. However, screaming, "You are rude!" not once, but twice as you stopped by my car was actually pretty inconsiderate yourself. People make mistakes, I was obviously in the wrong and everyone could see from the position of my car but I think that you were equally "rude" to stop and scream at me. Please put yourself in other people's shoes before you do this again. Just because you are older, doesn't mean that you are always right or have the right to discipline other people. A simple shrug or look would have sufficed. I knew I was wrong, but now you are too. —Remorseful Driver