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Sanktuary puts down roots

The metal trio from the Yukon contributes to a split EP and heads on a mega-tour with Black Moor.

Sanktuary puts down roots
Sanktuary's been Tundrastruck.

Last summer Sanktuary picked up and moved from Whitehorse to Nova Scotia---it's ballsy, but the band's singer and guitarist Alan Binger said it was time. "There's only so much you can do up there as far as a band is concerned. We played for everyone, had done all the venues and festivals, and we just wanted to get out and play for some new people." Luckily, one of the first new people they acquainted themselves with was former Black Moor drummer Sylvan Coderre. Talk about a match made in metal heaven. Friday's show celebrates the release of the Tundrastuck, a split EP featuring Sanktuary's "Raise the Flag" as well as tracks from Metalian and Black Moor. It also might be your last chance to see the fellas tear it up before they head out on a five-week Canadian tour with, you guessed it, their Black Moor buddies. "We're going to bring a road hockey net, and some sticks. They'll be some hockey death matches on the road."

Fri July 1, Gus' Pub, 2605 Agricola Street, 10pm