Haligonians looking to take action about police power can have their say on April 21

Via @gamechangers902 on Instagram
Via @gamechangers902 on Instagram

Another cop has killed another Black man in the United States. Daunte Wright’s death is the latest awful reminder for people around the world that traditionally unquestioned police power needs modern interrogation.

In Halifax, it’s been two years since a landmark report proved what Black Haligonians had been saying for decades: Police in Halifax do not treat Black and white Nova Scotians the same—they stop Black Haligonians at a rate far higher than their proportion of the population would suggest. There was a moratorium and then a ban on street checks, but cops are still screaming what the Halifax Regional Police calls “unacceptable comments” at POC while on the job.

Haligonians who want to see changes in the way police operate in the city have a chance to say so to Regional Council as it debates the “nice-to-have” items in this year’s budget. At the virtual council meeting happening next Wednesday, April 21, citizens can sign up to speak by Zoom about anything on the budget adjustment list. GameChangers902 is calling on people to use this opportunity to speak out against additional police budget increases—like $85,000 for HRP to write a report on body-worn cameras, and $75,000 for RCMP to hire a new position to investigate complaints about the RCMP when, GameChangers902 says, “we know this doesn’t work.”

Anyone can sign up to speak during the public participation portion of the meeting that’ll kick off at 9:30am April 21. To sign up, contact the municipal clerk’s office at clerks@halifax.ca or 902-490-4210.