Don’t put all your mini eggs in one basket

7 local treats to enjoy on the sweetest holiday long weekend of the year.


Despite its Christian origins, the Easter weekend has become a secular candy holiday, like Halloween but with less stranger danger and more days off (if you’re one of those lucky workers who gets Monday off on top of the national Friday holiday, please give us a spring break from hearing about it). Probably because it hops around the calendar year after year, Easter’s symbol is a rabbit. A magical treat-hiding rabbit that lays chocolate eggs and has a fondness for pastel colours, making Cadbury Mini Eggs the ultimate expression of the holiday. But you don’t have to go to the chocolate bar aisle of the grocery store to get in the spirit. From mini egg cheesecake to made-in-Nova Scotia chocolate bunnies, here are seven local businesses that can make your Easter sweet. Note: Holiday hours vary and supplies of Easter treats may be limited, so it’s best to check with the business before you go shopping. 

  1. 24 Carrots Bakery
    Easter cupcakes are an annual treat from 24 Carrots. With a vanilla base, vanilla and mocha buttercream, and a mini egg nest on top, they cover all the seasonal bases and are Insta-worthy to boot!  24 Carrots Bakery, 3200 Kempt Road, 902-482-2424

  2. Peace by Chocolate
    If you’re looking for high-quality local chocolate to treat your fam or friends, PBC’s the new store on the Halifax waterfront is a must-visit. Check out the chocolate bunnies for nibbling, and the cute bonbons to hide. Peace by Chocolate, 1741 Lower Water Street, 902-421-9176

  3. Spring is in the air and that means Easter is almost here! The Easter Bunny will be filling baskets and so will we! Hop...

    Posted by Peace by Chocolate on Tuesday, March 23, 2021

  4. Humani-T Cafe
    Mini egg gelato speaks for itself. Serious fans hosting a Covid-approved holiday gathering can order a whole MEG ice cream cake online. Or for a hot liquid approach to Easter decadence, try the cafe’s mini egg creamy caramel black tea blend. Humani-T Cafe, 5755 Young Street, 902-454-5454

  5. Rousseau Chocolatier
    If you’ve ever wanted an Art Deco Easter egg, a chocolate egg that looks like an outer space galaxy or a dreamy blue egg that blends in with a field of flowers, here’s your chance. Creative designs and delicious high-quality sustainable chocolate will make even the cocoa snob in your life drool. Rousseau Chocolatier, 5151 South Street, 902-802-6463

  6. Probably my new favorite design! The #ARTDECO making a bold, colorful statement.🧡💛💙🖤💚 Hang on folks, they are flying off the shelves, both virtual and in-person

    Posted by Rousseau Chocolatier on Wednesday, March 31, 2021

  7. King & North Chocolate
    Handmade, small-batch chocolatier King & North opened its website with Easter goodies including caramel or creme-filled eggs, and restocked some classic chocolate bars. Shop online or look for K&N products at local shops including Trainyard General Store (137 Portland Street) and Jennifer’s of Nova Scotia (5635 Spring Garden Road).

  8. SHOP OPEN! 😱 Eggs! Trillionaires! Almonds! Bars! Head to for all your Easter goodies. (Link is in my bio)

    Posted by King & North on Saturday, March 27, 2021

  9. Susie’s Shortbreads
    If you don’t like chocolate, Easter can be a difficult holiday. But Susie’s hand-decorated Easter cookies are here to rescue you from a cocoa overload. These cute lil’ chicks, bunnies and flowers are bound to put a smile on your face. If you’re not tired of mini eggs yet, Susie’s mini egg edible cookie dough is sent from the heavens. Susie’s Shortbreads, 218 Chain Lake Drive, 902-406-7075

  10. Sweet Hereafter
    Mini egg cheesecake takes nature’s perfect candy to a new level entirely. The chocolate-and-vanilla base has crushed mini eggs added to the batter before baking, then is topped with–surprise–more mini eggs. Luckily the cheescakerie sells by the slice. Sweet Hereafter, 6148 Quinpool Road, 902-404-8001