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Love for the Lilah Kemp Reading Series

Corey Mombourquette takes tips from the Allan Street Reading Series and starts his own local literary tradition.

Love for the Lilah Kemp Reading Series
Living room stories at the Lilah Kemp Reading Series.

Last summer, longtime writer Corey Mombourquette got brave and shared his words with a keen audience at the Allan Street Reading Series. The experience inspired him. Not only did it give him the confidence to keep honing his craft but it also served as a model for his own series, named for a character from Timothy Findley's Headhunter. "She is a schizophrenic librarian who has the ability to literally bring characters to life when she reads literature. I liked the idea of naming the series after her because when people read out loud to an audience it adds another layer of life to the literature," says Mombourquette. Usually, he tracks down the wordsmiths himself but he's hoping the number of interested aspiring writers will continue to grow with the series. This month he welcomes readings from Geordie Miller, Amanda Mombourquette and founder of the Allan Street series, Jenner-Brooke Berger. "Jenner's reading series inspired me to create something beautiful and I want to inspire other people in the same way." Interested writers can contact Mombourquette through the Lilah Kemp Reading Series Facebook group or via email at [email protected]

Wednesday, June 22, 2706 Bellaire Terrace, 8-11pm